Living Free, Plastic-Free

July 9, 2009

Hello dear visitor- the page you are looking for has got a new home now, as I’ve moved my website over to FEELGOODFOOD.NET. Please click the link and just search the post you are looking for. Thanks!



  1. Great to hear about your valiant efforts! FYI: polystyrene plastic can be recycled in Toronto’s blue-box. (http://www.toronto.ca/garbage/bluebox/index.htm). Also, thought not totally plastic free the MacBook Pro features a unibody case that’s carved out of a single piece of aluminum.

  2. Great kitchen pics.

    So what Do you do with that old metal appliance that I was leaning on the other night?

    With your minimal waste, you must not buy dairy-free milks or juice (at least those in non-glass). Do you consume these, and if so, make your own, or?

    • haha, the washer? do you know any takers? As for dairy-free milks/juice…I sometimes buy almond milk in a carton but it appears to be recyclable (admittedly not plastic-free), though I often make my own almond milk (tastes better, is cheaper, and unprocessed). We don’t really buy juice except for Filsinger’s organic apple cider which comes in a glass jug which we’ve gotten the company to take back and reuse (after much email tag). Good question! And it reminds me to post my almond milk recipe on here.

  3. Yeah At Filsingers we reuse all our jars and bottles, The hard part might be getting your store to taken them back to the wholesaler and them back to the farm!

    • indeed, I actually did drop off about 40 jars at Karma Coop, where I believe Filsingers picked them up directly. Hurrah for food systems with a human face 🙂

  4. Hello! I came across your blog while Google-hunting for a non-plastic manual food processor. My family has been enjoying the challenges of going plastic-free and ‘zero waste’ for about one year. We can relate to a lot of your experiences. Thanks for posting and Happy New Year!

    • glad you found me/us Catherine! Would love to hear more about how you’ve gone about going plastic-free…i’m sure we have tips to share! feel free to send me an email at emily@feelgoodfood.net.

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