Tasting Heaven in a Tomato.

September 10, 2009

Hello dear visitor- the page you are looking for has got a new home now, as I’ve moved my website over to FEELGOODFOOD.NET. Please click the link and just search the post you are looking for. Thanks!



  1. Thank you for this wonderful post, a reminder. Mindfulness is so important, and so absent – but so possible!

    I enjoyed a bowl of granola today with strawberries and mango. It was extremely present food. But you are right – really, all food should be present to us, we present to it – and not just in “eating it” either – in growing or acquiring it, in storing it, in preparing it.

  2. There’s a great eating meditation here:

  3. You’re so right Emily – about most of us not savouring our food while eating. I definitely started to notice that this summer when I recognized my habit of emotional eating. I wasn’t enjoying my food while eating it. I’m still tempted to do something (usually read) while eating, but am trying to focus more on what I’m eating and the food’s taste and flavours.

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