Local Garlic: Like Mangoes off a Tree

November 20, 2009

Hello dear visitor- the page you are looking for has got a new home now, as I’ve moved my website over to FEELGOODFOOD.NET. Please click the link and just search the post you are looking for. Thanks!



  1. Hi Emily!
    I just spent last weekend at my family farm in Eastern Ontario preparing and planting my first-ever ENTIRELY GARLIC garden bed for next year. Its a wonderful and strange feeling to be working in the garden among the dead and withered carcasses and stalks of corn, squash, pumpkins, jerusalem artichokes, and tomatoes, and be out there in the cold preparing a nice clean fresh space for planting. I popped those little garlic cloves under the freshly turned soil and crossed my fingers. I can’t believe I have to wait a whole 12 months to pull them up again!
    Thanks for the great blog, hope to see you around soon, Meredith.

    • Hey Meredith,

      Good job planting your own! Nothing like seeing your garlic pop its stems through the soil early in the spring. But you don’t have to wait twelve months — just nine (just like a baby). When more than half of the leaves on your garlic plant have turned fully brown, they’re ready to harvest (usually late July or early August). Happy Garlic Growing! Daniel

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