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Hello dear visitor- the page you are looking for has got a new home now, as I’ve moved my website over to FEELGOODFOOD.NET. Please click the link and just search the post you are looking for. Thanks!



  1. Very nice work Em! I’m very proud of you……

  2. Hi Emily! My husband Will told me about your blog. I’ll have to post the kamut bread recipe on mine.

  3. This is so sweet! I love cooking, I love eating, and ethically I also believe in growing (to nurture and love) the food that ends up in my bellie. Also, with all of that put aside, I would like to thank you for being so inspiring! Thank-you!

  4. hi sweety it is very impressive to not only read about the stuff but to know you too. bravo. well done..ill try to make some of this delicious foods.xxoo

    • Cool blog. Plus – it’s beautiful! I’ve bookmarked it. You should post more about gardening too!!! Hope you’re doing well in da t-dot.

  5. yummy recipes! Nice work 🙂

  6. You have a very professional looking site, and the food looks delicious.

  7. You have a lovely blog! After a lot of research, I’ve decided to go gluten-free. You have so many wonderful g-f recipes that I’m dying to try!

    • Hi Emily,

      I like your blog! Thanks for quoting me, too – that always feels good. Just one thing though – my pronoun of choice is ‘she’, not ‘he’.

      Keep up the good eatin’,


      • duly noted! thanks Devon.

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