mess-in-a-bowl recipes

Hello dear visitor- the page you are looking for has got a new home now, as I’ve moved my website over to FEELGOODFOOD.NET. Please click the link and just search the post you are looking for. Thanks!



  1. I love food that looks gross but tastes delicious! What does the nutritional yeast do for the vegetables? (What is nutritional yeast?)

  2. Nutritional yeast is like a yellow flaky powder that acts like a condiment for a variety of things. Vegans love it because it’s high in protein, B vitamins (esp. B12) It tastes kinda salty and kinda yeasty! Often used as a cheese substitute, though most who eat cheese probably wouldn’t think it resembles cheese at all! I also use at on my popcorn. There are lots of great nut.yeast recipes out there. Give it a try!

  3. EM!! omg! i am sooooo impressed/inspired by your blog! its a masterpeice! wht an amazing work you have created. i LOVE it!! and have told all my frineds about it. man oh man…..youre going places!! start a zine!! i am one of your biggest fans!
    i am so happy i got to love with you last summer! those are some of my most treasured memories. what a summer eh?
    well love and light! and keep blogging. hopefully ill see you this summer!

  4. CORRECTION: I meant i am so happy i got to “live” with you last summer!! not “love”!!! hahahaha. but i mean we all loved eachother so potato…paTATo…

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